NFL Alumni Assoc Scores for KC!

  Touchdown!!! The NFL Alumni Association Philadelphia Chapter has chosen KC as a recipient of its 2016 charitable giving program and is contributing $2,500.  That’s the largest organizational donation we have received since the Independence Blue Cross Game Changers Challenge!     According to Chapter President, Beasley Reece, “The monetary contribution is in recognition of Kitchen Cred’s valuable contribution to the community, in keeping with our mission “Caring for Kids.” Even better, the contribution is just the start of an ongoing partnership.  In conjunction with Ron Jaworski’s JAWS Youth Playbook, NFLAA invited us to bring some of the teens we work with to the Eagles last pre-season game against the New York Jets (Eagles 14 – 6).   Our friends and partners at the Youth Emergency Service Shelter sent six teens and two staff who joined Jeff Baxt (the KC volunteer who promoted the NFLAA connection) and KC Prez Doug Barg for the game and a preceding tail gate party. But that’s not all; the chapter will collaborate with KC on Career Bowls, a new, specially designed Pop Up that will introduce teens to sports related careers, ranging from pro-athletics and cheer leading, to sports medicine and sports marketing.  During Career Bowls, teens will watch a game while the professionals provide commentary on what’s going on off-camera to support the players on the field.  Of course there’s a cooking component as well.  Before the game, the teens and adults will prepare a menu of healthy dips (in bowls, of course) and from-scratch tortilla chips to enjoy as they watch and learn. Join us on October 5th, 6 pm at Venturef0rth for... read more

Kitchen Cred Spotlight

Meet Kayla! The Volunteer Spotlight is not only a way for us to show recognition of some of our most dedicated volunteers, but also a way to highlight how rewarding it can be to volunteer at Kitchen Cred.

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Kitchen Cred Program for YES Teens

This summer, Kitchen Cred (KC) will be rolling out its first cooking and nutrition program for YES teens. Because the teens’ average stay is 22 days – too short a time to participate in Kitchen Cred’s full three-month program – KC will present a five-session program at YES over the course of three weeks.

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Tuck Into Tech

At Venturef0rth’s ‘Tuck Into Tech,’ students and techies cook crepes. Cooking then led to career talk. The coworking space hosted the event, which was organized by culinary-arts nonprofit Kitchen Cred and IT-training nonprofit Tech Impact.

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Big & Little Cooks: Jean and Autumn

  Hi, we are Big Sister Jean and Little Sister Autumn, and this is our blog to share our experience from our first cooking class. We have been matched since August of 2009. It has been more than five years of good times together. We have baked cupcakes in the past and are both self-proclaimed “foodies” who go out to eat a lot together, but this is the first time we are cooking a meal together. Autumn is interested in cooking, so we are both very happy to be invited to participate in the Big & Little Cooks program through a partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters Southeastern PA, Kitchen Cred and Spogue Kitchens & Bath.   Our first cooking session was fun and very informative. We learned the importance of hand washing, prepping and cleaning your workstation, and prepping and cleaning your vegetables properly before you prepare your meals. We also learned how to use the sharp knives more effectively and safely, and learned some good tips. We learned to use the “claw” and “bridge” methods when chopping, rocking the knife back and forth, and trying not to lift it off of the cutting board. This will take practice for us both to get faster and more efficient applying what we learned in the kitchen when cutting vegetables, herbs and fruit. During this first session, we made black bean and corn salad, the perfect healthy side dish. It’s loaded with black beans, roasted corn, avocado, fresh tomato, cilantro, and tons of flavor. This black bean and corn salad will now be one of our favorite side dishes, especially... read more

Big & Little Cooks: Cory and Victor

Hi, we are Big Brother Cory and Little Brother Victor, age 13. We’ve been matched for a year and a half. We were excited to have the opportunity to join the Kitchen Cred Big & Little Cooks program. We thought this would be a good way to help us understand more about cooking including techniques and safety. Cory has worked at restaurants in the past and is an experienced home cook. It’s one of his favorite hobbies. Victor has learned a lot about cooking by being matched with Cory. Victor has chefs in his family, so cooking runs in his blood, and he’s very interested in learning more. Our session in November was egg making. Victor was tasked with prepping and chopping vegetables and cooking the final omelets. Victor especially enjoyed cooking the omelets and showed great skill. Victor was also able to impress the entire class and our chef instructors with his egg cracking abilities. He can crack an egg with one hand! Cory struggled a little trying to master this skill. Victor had no experience with poached eggs before this session, so he gained a great deal of knowledge. Dipping his toast points into a runny yolk was something he had never done either and he really liked it. We made a basic egg omelet with ham and cheese filling, and it was delicious. Victor took the recipes we used home with him and surprised his family with a meal. They were very impressed! We hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we did. Basic Egg Omelet Recipe Ingredients: 2 eggs 2 tablespoons whole milk 2... read more

Big & Little Cooks: Jude and Carl

Greetings! We are Big Brother Jude and Little Brother Carl, and we have been matched for over three years. In October, we began taking cooking classes with Kitchen Cred, a cooking program offered via Big Brothers Big Sisters Southeastern Pennsylvania. Kitchen Cred is a new partnership that allows Big and Little matches to better develop culinary skills and health and nutrition knowledge. Over the course of the first two sessions, Carl and I have created culinary dishes revolving around salads and eggs. In session one, Carl and I made Italian chopped tuna salad, and we also enjoyed black bean salad made by the other matches. In our second session, Carl and I made poached eggs and omelets – yum. In the third session, held in December, we made one of our favorite dishes – crepes! We made spinach mushroom crepes and apple cinnamon crepes. To start, we worked on our egg cracking techniques. The hardest part of the entire recipe was figuring out how to flip the crepes while cooking in the pan. The great thing about crepes is that you can fill them with anything. By the end of the session we were both crepe-filling pros! The best part of this session was definitely eating the crepes. Everyone agreed that they turned out well. We thought the recipes were quick and easy, and we’d both like to make crepes for our families in the future. The recipe for delicious basic crepes with apple cinnamon filling is below.   Basic Crepes Recipe Makes 18 six-inch crepes Ingredients: 1½ cups flour (7½ ounces) ¾ teaspoon salt 4 eggs 1 cup... read more



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