Kitchen Cred Program for YES Teens

Kitchen Cred Program for YES Teens

It’s time for Kitchen Cred to walk the walk! (Or, maybe that should be wok the wok.) This summer, Kitchen Cred (KC) will be rolling out its first cooking and nutrition program for YES teens. Because the teens’ average stay is 22 days – too short a time to participate in Kitchen Cred’s full three-month program – KC will present a five-session program at YES over the course of three weeks.

Each session will teach kitchen skills and discuss nutrition and food safety information, so teens will be able to “drop-in” at any time during the program without missing any key information from earlier sessions. Kitchen Cred will also train YES staff members so they can support the teens as they practice in the YES kitchen between sessions.

As is true with all KC programs, YES teens will obtain more than a new set of skills in the kitchen. In addition to the five learning sessions, participants will also get the opportunity to prepare a meal for a group of outside people. During this time, students from other cooking and nutrition programs in the city will likely be invited to join the YES residents, giving the teens an opportunity to learn about community service, team building and networking.

Kitchen Cred’s founder, Doug Barg, is delighted to collaborate with YSI. According to KC project leader, Ellen Marshall, working with the youth at YES will allow Kitchen Cred to give confidence and support to kids – who are both very vulnerable and extremely resilient – so that they can learn skills they can build on as they move on with their lives. YSI Executive Director Gwen Bailey agrees:

We are thrilled to bring this phenomenal program to our youth. With its unique combination of practical kitchen skills, accessible learning opportunities, and meaningful relationships, I have no doubt that Kitchen Cred will be a valuable tool for our teens